The Princess and the Pea

Locandina Notable for not actually featuring the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale 'The Princess and the Pea', director Piero Regnoli plunders 'Cinderella' and 'Snow White...' instead, with actresses Crista Linder and Susanna Martinkova taking the title roles respectively. If you were impressed with the thoroughly bonkers Baby Love then this is probably the next best … Continue reading The Princess and the Pea

Secret Life of an 18-Year-Old/Vita Segreta di una Diciottenne

Better known as the brother of Rossano Brazzi, one of the more popular male leads during the golden age of Italian cinema, Oscar Brazzi began working in the industry as a production designer in the 1950s. Probably funded by his brother, he quickly moved into production and, by the early 1960s, was working with directors … Continue reading Secret Life of an 18-Year-Old/Vita Segreta di una Diciottenne

Headlights in the Fog/Fari nella Nebbia

Shot in 1941, Headlights in the Fog is considered one of the precursors of the Neorealism movement. The story revolves around a truck driver as he battles with the pressures of work and a failing marriage: Critical reception: (Irene Brn, "Cine Illustrato", 15, 12 aprile 1942) The young director Gianni Franciolini has given all of … Continue reading Headlights in the Fog/Fari nella Nebbia

Restoration Project #3 – Sealed Lips

Locandina Bocche Cucite/Sealed Lips (1970) The following newspaper story from 1969 is translated just below: TOSINI'S FILM WILL BE MADE Funding for Bocche Cucite has been found A press conference by the director Following the projection of various excerpts, minus audio, from 'Bocche Cucite' the director of the film, Pino Tosini, held a press conference … Continue reading Restoration Project #3 – Sealed Lips

Guns Against the Law/Armi Contro la Legge

Plot: Expelled from the United States, the Italian gangster, Marini, is tasked with heading an international gang in preparation for an ambitious heist on a jeweler's in Madrid. In order to complete the job he is forced to bring in the help of two small-time crooks and a young student. Unfortunately, the robbery doesn't go … Continue reading Guns Against the Law/Armi Contro la Legge

Nobody Move, This is a Robbery!

WIP Genio incompreso del Cinema, Enzo Battaglia nacque a Ragusa nel 1935, ed √® morto a Catania, appena 51enne, nel 1987. Diplomato in regia al Centro sperimentale di cinematografia, dopo essere stato per alcuni anni assistente di Pietro Germi¬†nel 1963 ha tentato l'esperienza della regia con un film coraggioso, Gli Arcangeli. Attraverso il racconto … Continue reading Nobody Move, This is a Robbery!