An Alibi to Die/Un Alibi Per Morire (1962)

Paul loves Margaret but she has her eyes on Graziano, a night-club owner. Desperate to prove himself to Margaret, Paul begins planning an elaborate robbery. With the assistance of a corrupt prison officer he gets himself  arrested, knowing he can come and go from the jail as he pleases, thus providing him with the perfect alibi. The robbery is a success but the prison guard changes his mind and decides he now wants all of the haul for himself, so he shoots Paul, fatally wounding him but, just before he dies, Paul fires one last round and kills the prison guard.

Newsreel making-of, courtesy of Archivio Luce featuring a nightclub scene from the film – possibly the only footage that has survived.



Due Fogli poster

A lost thriller from director Roberto Bianchi Montero, aside from a censor report and various promotional materials, there’s little I can add here apart from the above synopsis – it appears to have disappeared after its initial theatrical run in 1963. Lead actor Alberto Lupo also starred in another very effective thriller released the same year; A Passport For a Corpse. The title theme Un Alibi Per Morire was performed by 60s pop group The Flippers and released as the b-side of ‘Happy Cha Cha‘ (7″ single)

the flippers alibi per morire happy cha cha front-mod
flippers cha cha alibi 7inch reverse-mod

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