Robbery in the West District/Rapina al Quartiere Ovest (1960)

Two criminals rob a bank but one of them gets stuck trying to climb a security gate during the getaway and is killed by his partner to prevent him from talking to the police. Hiding out in a house owned by the girlfriend of the deceased accomplice, the criminal tries to escape with the haul but is wounded by two other members of the gang. He is saved just in time by the shadowy figure of a stamp collector who is determined to acquire a rare stamp, no matter what the cost. Hiding the wounded criminal in his basement, the stamp collector informs the girlfriend of the murdered accomplice that the man she wants is in his hands and, after handing over a large sum, she can exact revenge however she pleases. But the criminal manages to escape. The police, however, are hot on his heels and the criminal, after having killed the stamp collector, gets caught up in a shootout.

Rapina al Quartiere Ovest - edit


Directed by Filippo Walter Ratti in 1960 and produced by Mercurio Films (Italy) Distributed by Ceres-Filmberleih (Germany)




35mm film prints stored in Germany and Italy (Cineteca Friuli) and at least one television airing on Teleamiata June 6, 1977.



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