Telecine Project #3 – Sealed Lips/Bocche Cucite (1970)

“La banalità dell’intreccio e le manchevolezze della sceneggiatura, rese più evidenti da una regia sciatta ed elementare, fanno di questo film uno spettacolo estremamente modesto.” (‘Segnalazioni Cinematografiche”, vol. 69)




Bocche Cucite/Sealed Lips (1970)

The following newspaper story from 1969 is translated just below:



Funding for Bocche Cucite has been found

A press conference by the director

Following the projection of various excerpts, minus audio, from ‘Bocche Cucite’ the director of the film, Pino Tosini, held a press conference yesterday morning in Tecno-Tele-Cine at 38/A Via Moscova. As we mentioned yesterday on another page of this newspaper, the production company (Lepidi Film) was forced to suspend the shoot, which was taking place in Reggio Emilia. Reason: The sudden cut of financing from the group interested in making the film. A (?) in some exponents of the Communist Party.

Yesterday morning in Milan, where the crew were supposed to resume work, Tosini stressed the point that the impasse has already been overcome. In other words the Communist group preferred to hand over everything it has already provided rather than find themselves implicated in this affair. This includes 30 million (lira) for the footage already shot. The rest of the funding will be put up by the very same director, one of the actors (Ezio Sancrotti: Rovoletti in ‘Bandits in Milan’) and a Swiss producer, Santos Schweigr.

(Thanks to Renato for providing the original scan)

The Super 8 version released by Universal Cine – Roma (below) contains the uncensored print, including roughly a minute of footage missing from the TV version.

All credit for the restoration of the Super8 telecine to Stefano (telecine), Michael (digital restoration)






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