The Princess and the Pea/La Principessa sul Pisello (1976)

Notable for not actually featuring the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale ‘The Princess and the Pea’, director Piero Regnoli plunders ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Snow White…’ instead, with actresses Crista Linder and Susanna Martinkova taking the title roles respectively. It is rumoured the film took in a staggeringly low 70,000 lira at the Italian box-office which may explain its relative obscurity. A 35mm telecine has since surfaced online and there remains no official release to date.

Director Piero Regnoli was a veteran director who appears to have worked in just about every genre imaginable, although he’s perhaps best know for Playgirls and the Vampire (1960) – one of the earliest sound Italian horror films. He also directed the highly atmospheric proto-giallo I’ll See You in Hell (1960) With only 11 films under his belt as a director, he was a far more prolific writer with over 116 screenplays to his credit.










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