A Legal Team for a Robbery/Studio Legale per una Rapina (1973)

Often adopting the pseudonym Amerigo Anton, director Tanio Boccia hasn’t gone down too well in the history books. Famed throughout the industry for his sloppy craftsmanship there are a couple of anecdotes which have survived over the years.

The first one relates to a western he was shooting where the camera accidentally tripped on something in what was supposed to be a smooth panning shot of a couple romancing in bed. In his infinite wisdom, or more likely trying to save some precious film stock, he salvaged the scene in the editing suite, replacing what was supposed to be some tender dialogue between the amorous couple with the line “Hey, a train just went by!” just as the camera registers the bump.

The second anecdote which is probably more fondly remembered occurred when celebrated comedy actor Alberto Sordi called Federico Fellini to let him know he’d just won the Oscar for best foreign film. Fellini picked up the phone and Sordi joked; “You didn’t get it, they gave it to Tanio Boccia!”.



A lawyer gets hold of a plan to steal a cachè of diamonds from a wealthy jeweller and assembles a crew to carry out the robbery.







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