No Man’s Island/L’Isola delle Svedesi (1969)

Following a particularly heated argument with her boyfriend, Manuela decides to leave  city life behind and join her friend, Eleonora, a divorcee who lives on a remote Mediterranean island. Trouble brews when Manuela’s boyfriend arrives on the island to try and win her back and a bitter struggle ensues as both parties vie for her affection.

There’s a comparison between the TV recording and Super8 version here.



I haven’t been able to unearth much about director Silvio Amadio but this short excerpt from an interview with Claudio (Troll 2, Zombi 3) Fragasso’s partner, Rossella Drudi, was too good to pass up – all credit to interviewer Samuele Zaccaro.

(source here)

Your debut in the world of cinema came when you were young as an assistant editor.Looking at IMDB your first script is for a film by Silvio Amadio “The Medium” from 1980 (although other sources say 1978 or 1979). Few people have been lucky to see this film, it seems there’s only a Spanish VHS in circulation and it was rarely screened on local television. It’s an unusual film because the source of inspiration was the professional medium Demofilo Fidani. What can you tell us about him?

Okay, let’s take this one step at a time. The film, ‘The Medium’, was shot in 1980, but it was written between 1978/9. It’s the first thing I did but my name isn’t in the credits because of what I mentioned earlier. I was 15/16, I wasn’t registered and Silvio Amadio only knew of Claudio as a scriptwriter, (Claudio is older than me and he started working in the industry in 1971) He had also been Amadio’s assistant director on an old film about musketeers but I don’t remember which year or anything else about it. I didn’t know him then. So, going back to ‘The Medium’, I met Silvio Amadio and his daughter Nicoletta at Cinemontaggio on via Latina where the legendary Fernanda taught me the art of editing (it would take another book to tell you about all the people that I met there). I became friends with his daughter and from that moment on we were both obsessed with western esotericism and parapsychology.

They invited me to their house in the countryside, I think we held the seances in Velletri. I went there with Claudio but they didn’t know that we were a couple.So, they made me take part in a seance with Demifoli Fidani who I knew as a painter and scriptwriter, but I had no idea he was also a medium. During the seance Demofilo told me that I was highly sensitive and that I had powerful receptive abilities. And so they made me take part in various experiments, like automatic writing, ideas coming out of nowhere and many other things that cannot be explained. Demofilo explained my “powers” to me, of which I knew almost nothing, but thinking about all the strange things that have happened to me in my life, since I was a child I suspected something (but that’s also another story…) To make this brief, they’d called Claudio the year before to write the screenplay but the production stalled and so, when I met them, they asked me to read it and change it following my instincts. It was my first time and I really poured a lot of emotion into. Demofilo came up with the story, me and Claudio wrote the screenplay, he wrote the first draft, I wrote the second. Demofilo told me a spirit had visited him in a seance and suggested mine and Claudio’s names to write the story. Nothing like that had ever happened before and it’s never happened since. Silvio Amadio was also a medium but nowhere near as powerful as Demofilo, incredible things happened during his seances, he was almost as powerful as Rol from Florence (edit: she probably means the medium Gustavo Rol from Turin).






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