Madness, The Eyes of the Moon/Madness, Gli Occhi della Luna (1971)

Three inmates escape from a criminal asylum. One of them is recaptured and another is run over by a car and killed, but the third prisoner manages to escape and takes refuge in an empty villa in the countryside. The next day a group of youths arrive at the house and throw a party which soon descends into chaos as they drop LSD and start hallucinating.

Directed by virtual unknown Cesare Rau, Madness took over a year to complete with shooting starting on 27 July 1970 and eventually wrapping up on 8 June 1971. The location scenes were filmed in Castal Madama in Tivoli with interiors shot at Cinecittà. It received its premiere in Paola, a province of Cosenza, on 18 August 1971. The screenplay was written by Cesare Rau’s wife, Germana Di Renzo. [wikipedia]


Due Fogli Poster


Censor Report: 08/06/1971 [Italia Taglia]

The VII section has reviewed the film in its entirety and listened to the representative of the company interested and suggests the following cuts 1) In the orgy scene; the elimination of almost all the scenes showing the youths under the effects of drugs and nude close-ups (43 metres) 2) When Paolo tries to assault the protagonist, eliminate the entire sequence in which Paolo forces the woman onto a handrail in the garden and tries to rape her (8 metres) 3) In the second male protagonist’s flashback, eliminate the more prominent shots of the nude female. (24 metres). Upon verification that these cuts have been made by the interested party we will be willing to approve this film as suitable for viewing by anyone over the age of eighteen. This classification is based on the numerous scenes of violence and also because the drugs theme is unsuitable for minors.



madness occhi luna screen2

madness occhi luna screen 5

madness occhi luna screen3


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