Solitude/Solitudine (1961)

Alberto is a reclusive fisherman who lives with his stepmother Rosa and stepbrother Paolo. Muollo, the local gangster, orders Paolo to do some shady after-hours smuggling but Alberto refuses and they end up brawling on the beach. Not long after, Muollo is found dead and Alberto becomes the prime suspect….

solitudine - fotobusta1-bright adjust


Directed by Renato Polselli, Solitudine hadn’t been seen since its no doubt short theatrical run in 1961 – and judging by the scarce publicity material it may have had a very limited release at the time.

There are some interesting elements that tie it to the Italian crime genre, with a smuggling subplot which turns up in a number of thrillers such as; Francois the Smuggler by Roberto Mauri, I Contrabbandieri del Mare/Smugglers of the Seas and Manu the Smuggler by Andre Cayette. The same theme would re-emerge in the 1970s in Roberto Girometti’s Mafia, Una Legge Che Non Perdona and in the 1980s in the more well-known The Naples Connection/Luca il Contrabbandiere – director Lucio Fulci’s sole entry in the Eurocrime genre.






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