Solitude/Solitudine (1961)

Alberto is a reclusive fisherman who lives with his stepmother Rosa and stepbrother Paolo. Muollo, the local gangster, orders Paolo to do some shady after-hours smuggling but Alberto refuses and they end up brawling on the beach. Not long after, Muollo is found dead and Alberto becomes the prime suspect….

solitudine - fotobusta1-bright adjust


Directed by Renato Polselli, Solitudine hadn’t been seen since its no doubt short theatrical run in 1961 until it was recently posted on Minerva’s YouTube channel. There are some interesting elements that tie it to the Italian crime genre, with a smuggling subplot which turns up in a number of thrillers such as; Francois the Smuggler by Roberto Mauri, I Contrabbandieri del Mare/Smugglers of the Seas and Manu the Smuggler by Andre Cayette. The same theme would re-emerge in the 1970s in Roberto Girometti’s Mafia, Una Legge Che Non Perdona and one last time in the 1980s in the more well-known The Naples Connection/Luca il Contrabbandiere, director Lucio Fulci’s sole entry in the Eurocrime genre.






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