L’Immensit√† (La ragazza del Paips) (1967)

Plot: Monica and Dario are two young lovers; she is a fan of beat singers and loves dancing, while he loves classical music and is of a rather shy nature. Trouble flares up when Monica and her friends steal some guitars from a company which manufactures musical instruments. Due Fogli Poster Extract from an interview … Continue reading L’Immensit√† (La ragazza del Paips) (1967)

Super8/Greek VHS: No Man’s Island/L’Isola delle Svedesi

A breakdown of the scenes missing from the television airing (Rete4) found in the Italian Super8 print released by 'Film Autori' (circa 1970s). The first scene appears during the first post-credits sequence and is simply an extension of the existing scene. It runs around 30 seconds. Note: the scene is intentionally shot with a pink … Continue reading Super8/Greek VHS: No Man’s Island/L’Isola delle Svedesi