The Jukebox Kids/I Ragazzi del Jukebox (1959)

Released in 1959, The Jukebox Kids is notable for being the first musicarello to focus on youth culture, from fashion to music, to ideals and attitude. The term musicarello, until this point, would have been applied to musicals in the traditional mould – going back to the early 1940s with films like Riccardo Freda’s Tutta La Citta Canta (The Entire City Sings). Lucio Fulci kickstarted a re-invention of the genre which would last throughout the better part of the 1960s, petering out towards the end as the industry fell into slow decline. Although a big fan of jazz music, here the emphasis is on ballads and rock and roll, featuring Adriano Celentano in his big-screen debut as the leader of the Rebels.

I ragazzi del juke box - Locandina-croppedcleaned









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