The Priest’s Hat/Il Cappello da Prete (1944)

Saddled with a string of gambling debts he cannot pay, the Baron of Santafusca is coerced into selling the family estate to a devious loan-shark. Fotobusta Produced by Sandro Ghenzi for Universalia, in association with Cines, the film was shot at Cinecittà in the summer of 1943 but only received its premiere in Rome after … Continue reading The Priest’s Hat/Il Cappello da Prete (1944)

La Città dell’Ultima Paura (1975)

Aldo is an introverted boy who loves photography and exploring caves. An earthquake strikes while he is exploring a cave, probably caused by an atomic explosion. Reaching the surface, Aldo discovers that radioactivity has destroyed any trace of human life.   "My film is inspired by a black and white American film, 'The Omega Man'. … Continue reading La Città dell’Ultima Paura (1975)