Rand Rover (1979)

The misadventures of a young couple, Rodolfo and Patrizia, as they set off on a car journey to their coastal home during a summer vacation. Unfortunately, Patrizia is losing faith in their marriage and attracts the attentions of Tony, the leader of a gang of delinquents who has been trying to seduce her for some time. Very soon they find themselves persecuted by Tony and his gang of misfits as they desperately try to reach their destination.

rand rover - locandina


Director Arduino Sacco entered the film industry in 1968 with a small acting role in Oscar Brazzi’s Secret Diary of a Minor starring Rossano Brazzi and Mimma Biscardi. In 1971 he played the lead role in Alessandro Santini’s Questa Liberta di Vivere… con le Ali Bagnate, a sexploitation feature notable for being scripted by Renato Polselli and starring Mark Damon and Femi Benussi. He also supplied the narration for Alfonso Brescia’s Battaglie negli Spazi Stellari  released in 1977. He made his directorial debut in 1979 with Rand Rover which won the first prize at the Taormina Film Festival in 1980. He went on to direct over seventy hardcore porn features before retiring from the industry in the early 1990s to concentrate on his publishing company, Arduino Sacco Editore.




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