Where the Silver Crows Fly/Dove Volano i Corvi d’Argento (1977)

Where the Silver Crows Fly was supposed to be the ideal continuation of Bandit’s Skin. It’s the story of a shepherd with ideals and principles forged on the continent who is forced to return to Sardinia to avenge the death of his brother who was murdered after unwittingly assisting in a kidnapping. Tensions rise between the son and his father who is hungry for revenge. The young man is convinced he must deliver the culprits to the police to face justice once he finds them and not kill them. The new and old Sardinia.

Regarding the cast, I explained to the producer that I would have preferred to work with local actors and less with professionals. I tried to explain that it was better not to use too many famous faces, that this type of story wouldn’t have gained anything and it would have lost the authenticity of the characters. Unfortunately I had to give in. I found myself with an incredible cast: Renzo Montagnani, Corrado Pani, Flavio Bucci, Regina Bianchi, Gianpiero Albertini, and Jenny Tamburi. I was fascinated by these experiences, like the ones by De Seta, and I knew that as a result of this the story would have become less Sardinian, it would have lost the flavour I wanted to give it. But this film, which I’ve always thought I directed ‘with my left hand’ received an award for the quality of the production”. (Interview with Piero Livi, La Nuova Sardegna 12.01.2008 – Marco Navone)


dove volano corvi - piero livi - locandina1


“I could write books on the way cinema has changed! There’s no doubt we’re the best, technically but they’re always saying Italian cinema is in crisis, many claim it isn’t. But I say yes, it’s always been in crisis. No, it isn’t a lack of ideas, it’s because Italian cinema is poor, you only see it in Italy and nowhere else. We aren’t known in other countries like we used to be. Because we make poor films, that cost little to make. And today, with television that’s doing exceptional things, the public are used to big spectacular films, they don’t want to watch small things”. (Video interview with Piero Livi, Mario Pischedda, 14/12/2007)

silvercrows titlessub





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