Telecine Project #4 – Dollar of Fire/Un Dollaro di Fuoco (1966)



Telecine Project #4

dollaro di fuoco 35mm

35mm reels described as being in “good condition”

My hope is that the print above is in decent shape and I can restore the film with the original Italian audio track. Although not quite lost, Nick Nostro’s ‘Un Dollaro di Fuoco’ was released on VHS in Spain and in two different versions in France. The following screenshots are courtesy of Trinidad from the Gentedirispetto forums – Thanks!

Spanish VHS

Dollaro di fuoco_zpst8rqyfcs

Dollaro di fuoco 3_zpsarfdtnom


dollaro di fuoco - locandina1crop


Update: 06/12/2018

Courtesy of Nova Rolfilm lab in Turin and Mirko over at Gentedirispetto we now have a digital telecine copy which seems to have turned out rather well. Considering the age of the reels I’m surprised at how well the colours have held up after all this time.

Thank you to all involved.

2018 Telecine















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