Summer to Remember/La Bellissima Estate (1974)

Also known as ‘Summer to Remember’, this offering comes from Luciano Martino’s Dania film, a production company that never shied away from cashing-in on the latest cinematic trends. True to their roots, and showing some real exploitation savvy, this time around we have two deaths to contend with, a father and son. The plot is as thin as it gets but, rather bizarrely for a film steeped in sadness and loss, it’s director Sergio Martino’s attempts at comedy that really shine through. Not all of it works but the character of the Red Baron, who features prominently in the middle reels, went on to enjoy a modicum of success replaying the same character. Child actor Alessandro Cocco appears to be the son of a famous footballer and actress Ida Galli, better known as Evelyn Newton.


La Bellissima Estate

Due-fogli poster







Note: ‘La Bellissima Estate’ (Export title: Summer to Remember) is legally available to stream on the Rai Web Player (Italian audio only)

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