The Balloon Seller/Il Venditore di Palloncini (1974)


Il Venditore di Palloncini’ (Lit: The Balloon Seller) was distributed internationally under the title ‘Last Moments’. Quite how director (and UFO expert) Mario Gariazzo managed to assemble such a talented cast is beyond me, but I suspect the topic of alcoholism (and acting drunk in particular) may have had something to do with it. Veteran Hollywood actors Lee J. Cobb and James Whitmore get top-billing, although it’s safe to assume that based on their rather weak performances both actors were in the twilight of their careers and generally slumming it in Rome for the paycheck. Joining them are Italian genre cinema regulars Adolfo Celi and Marina Malfatti. Rounding off the cast and reprising his role from ‘The Last Snows of Spring’ is child actor Renato Cestiè who thoroughly deserves to die in this one.


Il Venditore di Palloncini tidied

Due-fogli poster







Il Venditore di Palloncini’ is legally available to stream on the Minerva Pictures YouTube channel ‘Films&Clips’

English [fan]subtitles by Iranian fansubber Hezban Akjal could well be somewhere over here.

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