A Ringside Seat: In Memory of Marino Girolami (2018)

19.09.2018 – Soriano nel Cimino, Italy


It took almost a year to get it organised but we got there in the end…

When I originally contacted Enzo, from the start I stressed the point that there’s hardly any information available online about his father, Marino Girolami, and even less about his actor brother, Enio Girolami. This was an opportunity for him to reminisce about the golden years of Italian cinema from the 1940s – 1960s, hopefully fill in some rather large blanks along the way, and maybe I could learn a little bit more about the Girolami film dynasty…

Some very short messages were exchanged via Facebook but it seemed to be going nowhere and I had all but forgotten about it not long after. Then, as luck would have it, some months later we bumped into each other at the Trevi Cinema in Rome during a retrospective of Enzo’s career. Phone numbers were duly exchanged and finally, yet another couple of months later,  my wife and I made the arduous fifteen minute drive to his country house in Soriano nel Cimino.

Clocking in at around two hours long, I believe the only thing we didn’t get was Marino’s shoe size.

I must ask him next time.

The interview is currently in the subtitling stage as I type this and should be posted online early in the new year, hopefully sooner rather than later.

A massive, massive, thank you to Enzo for his patience and calm throughout.




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