Redemption/Riscatto (1953)

Folco Lulli plays the troubled Maremmano (lit. ‘sheep dog’ which actually has some ‘bite’ in Italian but sounds thoroughly flat in English), a seemingly petty criminal who has spent most of his life in and out of jail. Stubborn to the last, his crisis of conscience finally comes when he’s placed in a cell with two soldiers convicted of a crime he committed.

For the most part a prison drama, ‘Redemption’ also manages to throw in an effective giallo styled narrative for the first half of its running time, through a series of flashbacks which combine two different points-of-view of the murders to get to the truth.

There’s also some interesting, if somewhat grim, location footage of a ravaged post-war Italy, filmed in what’s left of a village which appears to have been bombed to near total destruction.

Brothers Folco and Piero Lulli were both top-billed actors for most of their lengthy careers, appearing in over a hundred films (each)

In his autobiography ‘Il Bianco Spara’ Enzo Castellari considers this his father’s most accomplished film.


riscatto - poster2 posterit

Due Fogli Poster






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