Renato Polselli Interview (Pete Tombs)

Interview conducted by journalist and co-founder of Mondo Macabro some time in the late 1990s. Extracts, without subtitles, are available on YouTube - the complete, subtitled, interview was included as an extra on a fan produced composite of 'La Verita Secondo Satana' created by DarioArgento/LiquidGoblin in a galaxy far, far, away.    

Vittorio Salerno in Conversation

He may not have directed that many films but the few that he did certainly left an impression on me - especially the crime features 'No, The Case is Happily Resolved' starring Enzo Cerusico and Riccardo Cucciolla and 'Fango Bollente' (The Savage Three) starring Joe Dallesandro and brother Enrico-Maria Salerno. It's worth noting the family … Continue reading Vittorio Salerno in Conversation