12 Rounds with Enzo G. Castellari

This is where it all began… some time in early 2004 I was going through some of my old video tapes and I put a bunch of films directed by Enzo Castellari on eBay. A few days into the auction I received a private message from the man himself enquiring about the tapes… Right off the bat, I wasn’t quite sure if I was dealing with him or some crazed eBay maniac. I was flying over to Italy in the coming weeks, so I replied and said that if he was the ‘real’ Enzo Castellari, would he be willing to record an interview? I’m pretty sure I asked for his phone number but he wasn’t forthcoming – but he did provide an address and agreed on a specific date. It really wasn’t until he opened the door that I thought this was going to happen…

My wife and I had never interviewed anyone before and it was always just a bit of fun – and for this reason we were armed with a video camera and little else (notably a tripod) My hard-as-nails wife held the camera for the entire two hour interview as I bluffed my way from one question to the next (I confess, I wasn’t prepared at all and I’d only seen a couple of his films at that point – notably Keoma)

Here it is, in all its raw and mostly unedited glory…

12 Rounds with Enzo G. Castellari

Interview recorded April 2004



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