The Angels From 2000/Gli Angeli del 2000 (1969)

Director Lino Ranieri appears to have briefly started out as an actor, with three roles to his credit in 1967, and then bowed out as quickly as he arrived with the rather bizarre ‘The Angels From 2000′, which he wrote, produced and directed.

A very low-budget morality tale about the perils of drugs, filmed at the tail-end of the hippy movement in 1969, this time around LSD is the drug of choice as we follow a gang of addicts who get roped into working for a local nightclub owner.

The censors apparently came down quite hard on this one, initially refusing to grant it any form of certification – the producers appealed the decision and it was eventually released after numerous cuts were made with an ’18 or Older’ rating.

Never released on any home video format, a telecine copy of a very worn/colour faded 35mm print surfaced in 2019.


gli angeli del 2000 2F poster2imdb-mod1

Due Fogli Poster

“Thinly veiled social commentary, decidedly superficial in its approach, with a confused and muddled plot”

“Pretese di un discorso sociale, derise dalla superficialità con cui viene proposto il discorso, dalla confusione e da contraddizioni nella trama.” (“Segnalazioni Cinematografiche”)

(Italia Taglia) Censorship Certification

gli angeli del 2000 locandina3-mod1








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