Gianni Manera Interview w/Enrico Rovegno

An interview with the late, great, Gianni Manera on Peruvian television, recorded in the late 1980s or early 1990s. Just like his wildly bizarre movies, Gianni was one larger than life character whose passion for film making is hard to ignore when you hear the man speak.

From what I can gather from this interview, Gianni was in Peru trying to find financing to finish his film Tragedy in New York: Concrete Boots. Not only this, it seems he was also trying to set up some sort of Peruvian film industry. Sadly, all the footage from Tragedy in New York was taken away from him during the editing stage due to a  dispute with the production company. I’m not sure what happened to the Peruvian film industry…

The clips in this interview are introduced as being from Tragedy in New York but it’s a mistake as you can see Gianni confused for a moment and then clips of the much earlier Wooden Overcoat are screened instead.

If Gianni’s death went relatively unnoticed, it’s no real surprise. His three films as director (in this interview he claims he directed five!) all languish in obscurity, but that never stopped him from thinking he was the next Scorsese or Coppola… If you’ve seen any of his films, expect more of the same from the man himself.

Many thanks to the legendary LiquidGoblin for fixing the broken file


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