Claudio Fragasso in Conversation (2015)

Definitely the quickest interview we’ve ever recorded, and it shows.

I offered to do the English subs for 88 Films’ release of Zombi 3 and, purely on a whim, suggested recording an interview with Claudio Fragasso as possible extra feature. Not really expecting much, I reached out to him via Facebook and had the interview set up for the next day. The time from the initial idea to the actual interview was actually less than 48 hours… and the day of the interview also happened to be one of the hottest days of the year.

To make matters worse, what we originally thought was just our rendezvous point turned out to be the place we were going to record in – which was an empty bar with the air-conditioning unit blasting out at hurricane speeds (with noise levels to match) and the constant clinking and clunking of glasses and plates behind the bar. I think the fridge made a bit of a racket as well. For an empty bar it was quite a concerto.

Still, undaunted, and armed with our cheap video camera complete with broken cable and wobbly tripod, we waited for Claudio to arrive in the sweltering heat and, after a short but nervous wait, he casually strolled in wearing what looked like his pyjamas and some rather interesting headgear.

Here it is, in all its raw unedited glory. Rough round the edges? There’s an understatement – but, as with all these interviews, it’s what the guy has to say which matters most and not the detail on the potted plants to the left of the frame.


claudio fragasso 1

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