Vittorio Salerno in Conversation

Best known for the crime features 'No, The Case is Happily Resolved' starring Enzo Cerusico and Riccardo Cucciolla and 'Fango Bollente' (The Savage Three) starring Joe Dallesandro and brother Enrico-Maria Salerno. It's worth noting the family connection because Enrico-Maria Salerno was, and will always remain, the more famous of the two. With an acting filmography … Continue reading Vittorio Salerno in Conversation

A Ringside Seat: In Memory of Marino Girolami

19.09.2018 – Soriano nel Cimino, Italy It took almost a year to get it organised but we got there in the end... When I originally contacted Enzo, from the start I stressed the point that there's hardly any information available online about his father, Marino Girolami, and even less about his actor brother, Enio Girolami. … Continue reading A Ringside Seat: In Memory of Marino Girolami