The Jukebox Kids/I Ragazzi del Jukebox (1959)

Released in 1959, The Jukebox Kids is notable for being the first musicarello to focus on youth culture, from fashion to music, to ideals and attitude. The term musicarello, until this point, would have been applied to musicals in the traditional mould - going back to the early 1940s with films like Riccardo Freda's Tutta … Continue reading The Jukebox Kids/I Ragazzi del Jukebox (1959)

L’Immensit√† (La ragazza del Paips) (1967)

Plot: Monica and Dario are two young lovers; she is a fan of beat singers and loves dancing, while he loves classical music and is of a rather shy nature. Trouble flares up when Monica and her friends steal some guitars from a company which manufactures musical instruments. Due Fogli Poster Extract from an interview … Continue reading L’Immensit√† (La ragazza del Paips) (1967)