Before the Jury/Corte d’Assise (1931)

A wealthy banker is murdered in his home during a reception. Among the guests is a journalist who carries out his own investigation in order to track down the culprit. The second Italian sound feature film, the first being 'La Canzone del Amore' directed by Gennaro Righelli, grandfather of Sergio and Luciano Martino. 'Corte d'Assise' … Continue reading Before the Jury/Corte d’Assise (1931)

The Night We Said Goodbye/La Notte dell’Addio (1966)

WIP Two lovers, Gino and Maria, say their farewells before Gino leaves to fight in the war where he is eventually taken prisoner. Repatriated at the end of the hostilities, Gino struggles to readjust to life in Milan which lays in ruins and moral decay. He soon learns that his girlfriend, believing her to be … Continue reading The Night We Said Goodbye/La Notte dell’Addio (1966)