Remembering Enrico Maria Salerno, Cinema Trevi (2014)

Panel discussion hosted at the Trevi Cinema in Rome, 2014, with guests, brother Vittorio Salerno, son Edoardo Salerno and host Amedeo Fago. I remember this was a particularly unusual night which initially started out with all the predictable praise and adulation for one of Italy's most revered screen actors you would expect, but then slowly … Continue reading Remembering Enrico Maria Salerno, Cinema Trevi (2014)

Vittorio Salerno in Conversation (Part 1)

Best known for the crime features No, The Case is Happily Resolved starring Enzo Cerusico and Riccardo Cucciolla and Fango Bollente (The Savage Three) starring Joe Dallesandro and brother Enrico Maria Salerno. For the most part, Vittorio carved his own path in the industry and, initially working closely with screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi, he directed one … Continue reading Vittorio Salerno in Conversation (Part 1)